Cleansol LLC is a reputable company that provides specialized contracting services to various industries. We offer reliable solutions to three main sectors: the Biotechnological, Pharmaceutical, and Semiconductor industries. Here, we provide on-site or shop cleaning abilities that answer their facility’s problems and issues.

Our primary services include specialized cleaning and  passivation on hygienic and unhygienic piping systems. And with our capabilities and years of being reliable contractors, we have become an experienced partner in the three primary industries mentioned. These are part of our first-class experience with our valued clients.

Industries We Serve

We provide world-class contractor services to Life Sciences and Semiconductor industries. And with the years we have worked with these companies and facilities, we already have an in-depth knowledge of what they need to keep their operations running smoothly and seamlessly.

Biotechnological Industry

The biotechnological industry is a science-driven sector that uses biology and living organisms to create or produce healthcare products. This industry is best known for its massive role in the pharmaceutical sector and medicines. However, the techniques utilized in biotechnology are also applied to creating other goods, including food, genetics, and biofuels.

Therefore, we help this industry keep its facilities clean and hygienic at all times and provide the following specialized cleaning services for their needs:

Cleanroom Cleaning

Cleanroom cleaning specialized service is often done in a controlled environment, whether it’s an ISO cleanroom or a non-classified area. We specialize in cleanrooms, gray spaces, dry rooms, cold rooms, laboratories, and gowning.

Furthermore, we have trained operators who can handle these operations through manual cleaning using a technique with specific sterilant contact time and concentrations. However, it depends on the project or event.

We can do bio-decontamination using the following products:

  • Sporicidal
  • Cold sterilant
  • Enzymatic detergents
  • H₂O₂ fogging

Our products come from Mar Cor & Ecolab and Steris Spor-Klenz® Cold Sterilant.

Chemical Cleaning

Another on-site service we provide is chemical cleaning, which industries like Biotechnology use. As your employees use different chemicals while producing different results, we ensure that our state-of-the-art equipment has a complete documentation package.

The services we offer under chemical cleaning are as follows:

  • Acid Cleaning: Descaling is the process where we remove accumulated mineral deposits in your facility. If not addressed after some time, these are prevalent in many systems and might cause failure in your processes and equipment. But descaling can solve scale-related challenges, prevent equipment malfunction, and improve your system’s efficiency.
  • Alkaline Cleaning: Alkaline cleaning is a process where dirt, grease, oil, and other deposits are removed from the system that’s being treated. It provides a cleaner surface for the optimal use of utilities and other processes. It takes care of new systems and system contamination and is amazing at preventive maintenance.
  • Detergent Cleaning: The contaminants on a system’s surface are removed through detergent cleaning. The result is a clean surface for your operations and other processes. Its primary applications are surface preparation for new systems and equipment protocol.
  • Disinfection: Disinfection eliminates harmful microorganisms in the system to prevent bacteriological contamination. It’s ideal for water systems, modifications, new systems, and stainless steel systems and equipment.
  • Blow-Out: Finally, blow-out removes undesired contaminants in your system due to deposits. It’s ideal for removing particulates and cleaning new and drying systems.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry manufactures medications and drugs primarily through private and public organizations. In this sector, medicine discovery through chemistry and physiology are necessary to understand and refine techniques fully.

Cleansol has a comprehensive understanding of the systems and procedures that the pharmaceutical industry goes through. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to provide unique and specialized cleaning services to ensure that you and your employees are safe while also taking care of your various systems.

The specialized cleaning services we offer, apart from cleanroom cleaning and chemical cleaning, are as follows:

Oxygen cleaning

Oxygen cleaning is a process where we remove any combustible contaminants from your equipment’s surfaces that are used for oxygen purposes. This equipment includes pipes, instruments, tube fittings, hoses, and valves.

If you have a process that handles >23.5% oxygen, we must clean the equipment to remove contaminants, such as hydrocarbon oils and greases. It also contains everything that might catch fire or spark, such as lint, dust, and metal fragments.

Our primary cleaning method is centered on ASTM G93-03  (Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments). However, We can also utilize other mechanical or thermal procedures based on the project.

Equipment Exterior Cleaning

We can also handle exterior equipment cleaning already affected by corrosive atmospheres, contact stains, and water scaling stains. Some examples that we always experience are condensed drippings, overflows, and fugitive emissions. After exterior cleaning, you can have passivation to restore your equipment’s stainless steel anti-corrosive properties.

These are done on-site to ensure that outside sources contaminate no machines or devices in your facility. With our services, you can be sure that your facility complies with the ISO standards of cleanliness and safety.

Semiconductor Industry

This particular industry focuses on creating semiconductors and semiconductor devices. Some examples of these products are integrated circuits and transistors. Furthermore, this industry requires high flexibility and innovation to adapt to the constant changes in the market since many products use semiconductors with very short life cycles.

And just like in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industries, numerous devices, machinery, and equipment are used to achieve a product. Therefore, our services are required all the time.

Apart from specialized cleaning services, we also have the following:


As mentioned, passivation is often used after exterior cleaning to give a piece of equipment its anti-corrosive properties back. It’s done by restoring or enhancing the chromium oxide film on the stainless steel surface after surface finishing, grinding, welding, external contamination, and more.

It’s ideal as preventative maintenance that can prevent lost production time in manufacturing, scheduling production issues, and high costs due to lack of maintenance.

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