Cleansol LLC is a trusted contractor offering specialized cleaning services that focuses on providing solutions for a better outcome. These solutions all involve maintaining a facility’s equipment or area through our specialized cleaning and passivation offerings while ensuring we meet your requirements and specific needs.

We work with three major industries to ensure their facility is adequately maintained for their operations to perform optimally. Safety is our top priority, and our services are designed to protect while improving their various application needs.

Services We Provide

We’re contractors with specialized cleaning services, which our clients rely on. We adapt to your needs and provide our clients with the services they require and wish for based on their preferences and the environment.

Specialized Cleaning

We have years of experience in specialized cleaning for the Life Sciences and Semiconductor industries. We can tailor these first-class services according to our client’s specific needs.

Our specialized cleaning services include:

  • Oxygen cleaning: Oxygen cleaning focuses on cleaning any oxygen and industrial gasses that are combustible from the equipment utilized for oxygen services.
  • Cleanroom cleaning: Our controlled environment cleanroom cleaning service is ideal for ISO cleanrooms or non-classified areas. We manually clean your rooms with our specific sterilant contact time and concentrations.
  • Chemical cleaning: We offer chemical cleaning for equipment used for different minerals and chemicals that can lead to equipment failure.
  • Equipment exterior cleaning: The exterior of equipment should be maintained, especially if it’s exposed to a corrosive environment and often has stains due to water or products.
  • Passivation: Passivation is used to improve the performance of stainless steel equipment or prevent its corrosion. During passivation, a protective oxide layer is created due to the chemical reaction. Overall, it prevents the stainless steel surface from reacting with air. Most of the time, it’s used for surfaces that have been manipulated through welding, finishing, grinding, and more. 

Industries We Serve

We serve three industries that are considered some of the most critical sectors due to what they do.


The pharmaceutical industry focuses on manufacturing drugs and medicines. It also develops and discovers different types of cures that we can use for various illnesses. In this sector, cleanliness and hygiene are essential to ensure product quality. So our services are the perfect fit for their environment.


The biotechnology industry has similarities with the pharmaceutical industry in terms of health-derived products. However, they rely on using molecular biology and living organisms to develop products for health and wellness.


This industry comprises businesses and companies that manufacture semiconductors and semiconductor devices. The cleanliness of their equipment must keep it functioning as intended.

Work With Us & We’ll Help You Achieve a Better Working Environment

Cleansol LLC is a go-to specialized contractor offering cleaning and maintenance services for industries that require a safe working environment. Our services are designed to enhance your overall operations for a better quality outcome. So if you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today so that we can find the right solution.



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