At the heart of Cleansol lies our commitment to superior chemical cleaning. With our unparalleled in-house expertise, we harness the power of state-of-the-art equipment and precision instrumentation. This dedication ensures that every phase of our written procedures is executed impeccably, offering more than just a chemical cleaning service but a promise of operational enhancement.

As a testament to our dedication to transparency and precision, we furnish a comprehensive documentation package. This includes meticulous process data recordings, providing you with essential insights and ensuring smooth validation and commissioning. Trust in Cleansol’s chemical cleaning service to deliver unmatched quality every single time.

Acid Cleaning (Descaling)

Descaling, a crucial chemical cleaning service, is the process of removing accumulated mineral deposits. Mineral scale and deposits, common in various systems, can lead to equipment failure. Harnessing Cleansol’s expertise ensures prevention and optimized system longevity.

Acid cleaning applications:

  • Solve scale-related challenges
  • Prevent equipment malfunction or failure
  • Improve system efficiency


Alkaline Cleaning

Alkaline cleaning is the process in which contaminants like dirt, oil, grease or other deposits are removed from the surface of the system being treated. This advanced chemical cleaning service ensures enhanced durability and efficiency, allowing a clean surface for the use of utilities and other processes, demonstrating our expertise in delivering top-notch chemical cleaning solutions.

Alkaline cleaning applications:

  • New systems
  • System contamination
  • Preventive maintenance


Detergent Cleaning

Detergent Cleaning

Detergent cleaning is the process in which stubborn contaminants adhered to the surface are effectively removed from the system. Utilizing our specialized chemical cleaning service techniques, we ensure a pristine environment, paving the way for seamless operations and other crucial procedures.

Detergent cleaning applications:

  • Surface preparation for new systems
  • Equipment protocol



Disinfection is a meticulous procedure to eliminate or inhibit harmful microorganisms in systems. Leveraging our deep-rooted chemical cleaning service knowledge, we ensure environments are left pristine, free of undesired bacteriological contamination, and safe for all operations.

Disinfection applications:

  • Potable water systems (storage and distribution)
  • New systems
  • Stainless steel systems and equipment
  • Modifications



Blow-out is the comprehensive process used to remove undesired loose contaminants from systems. Whether from storage deposits, installation handling, or fabrication debris, our chemical cleaning service expertise ensures thorough cleanliness, safeguarding the system from any operational interruptions or inefficiencies.

Blow-out applications:

  • Removal of particulate
  • Cleaning of new systems for gases
  • Drying systems


Unlock Unparalleled Cleanliness with Cleansol

When it comes to the integrity of your systems, every detail matters. Don’t let contaminants dictate your operational efficiency. With Cleansol’s advanced chemical cleaning services, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in the longevity and peak performance of your equipment. Let us champion your system’s cleanliness and ensure you operate at full potential. Choose Cleansol today and witness the transformative power of impeccable cleanliness. Reach out now and elevate your operations!

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