Chemical Cleaning

Cleansol employs state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation to guarantee that our written procedures are fulfilled in excellence throughout your whole service cycle. We provide a complete documentation package, including passivation process data recordings to aid in your validation and commissioning.

Acid Cleaning (Descaling)

Descaling is the process of removing accumulated mineral deposits. Mineral scale and deposits is a condition that is present in many systems and can lead to equipment failure depending on the severity of the problem.

Acid cleaning applications:

  • Solve scale-related challenges
  • Prevent equipment malfunction or failure
  • Improve system efficiency

Alkaline Cleaning

Alkaline cleaning is the process in which contaminants like dirt, oil, grease or other deposits are removed from the surface of the system being treated. This process allows a clean surface for the use of utilities and other processes.

Alkaline cleaning applications:

  • New systems
  • System contamination
  • Preventive maintenance

Detergent Cleaning

Detergent cleaning is the process in which contaminants that are adhered to the surface are removed from the system, leaving a clean surface for operations and other procedures.

Detergent cleaning applications:

  • Surface preparation for new systems
  • Equipment protocol


Disinfection is the procedure to eliminate or inhibit harmful microorganisms in systems to leave them free of undesired bacteriological contamination.

Disinfection applications:

  • Potable water systems (storage and distribution)
  • New systems
  • Stainless steel systems and equipment
  • Modifications


Blow-out is the process used to remove undesired loose contaminants that may be present in the system due to deposits during storage, handling during installation, fabrication debris or many other possibilities.

Blow-out applications:

  • Removal of particulate
  • Cleaning of new systems for gases
  • Drying systems

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